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If you have a question, please use our contact form to contact us.

How can I get back the games I bought on your old site?

1 – All the games you bought previously on our website will be recoverable: just tell us which ones you want and we will send you a download link and the game key, for the non-Steam version. Alternatively, we can send you a Steam key.

How can I buy some of your older games in non-Steam versions?

2 – For purchases of games already released (before 15.11.2022) we can do the same, providing you with a download link. You just have to indicate the game you want and pay by PayPal.

How can I buy games in advance that have not yet been released?

3 – For the purchase of new games in pre-order (cheaper), there is no non-Steam version store for the moment, because it is too expensive and too long to develop considering the volume of interested people that has been constantly decreasing over time. For now, for purchases made directly from us (via the stores of the various brands, see SGS), a Steam key will be provided.

How can I buy your new products?

4 – And finally, for purchases of new games (official releases after 15.11.2022), there will only be the Steam version available.

How can i find opponents for multiplayer ?

5 – We’ve opened a group on Facebook dedicated to SGS multiplayer games : SGS Arena. This will make it easier to find opponents, and to discuss new games and scenarios. It is a private group with a simple free subscription.