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Avalon Digital is a French independent publishing company, active in the domain of digital historical strategy gaming. We work with different development studios who create nice games on PC and Mac platforms.


Avalon Digital was founded in 2013 and has been active since then in publishing historical strategy computer games. After 2018, under the impulse of its new general manager, Philippe THIBAUT, the company increased its activities and started to develop different lines of games with different production teams and corresponding engines and gameplay.

Philippe THIBAUT is a veteran of the computer game industry (and a wargame designer for more than 40 years), where he is known for having developed the digital version of his game, Europa Universalis, with the Swedish company Paradox Interactive (at the time Target Games). He has also created for them the core design of another success, Crusader Kings. In the 2000’s, he founded AGEOD which had produced some of the finest computer wargames (such as the acclaimed AGEOD’s American Civil War) and many others, and also worked again with Paradox in the 2010’s, then with Slitherine / Matrix Games (when they purchased Ageod) till 2018.

Philippe THIBAUT now runs the publishing part of Avalon Digital, and also remains a lead designer in the Strategy Game Studio (the SGS games), has also developed the port of the Britannia and War & Peace boardgames to the computer, and remains an active co-designer in many other upcoming games. One of his main know-how is to adapt successful boardgames to the digital world, and he has many ongoing contacts and works with famous designers and publishers.

Avalon Digital pursues its own editorial line and has a wide collection now, but is also investing time and counsel in other projects brought by various outside partners seeking assistance in this particular field.

Interview with Philippe Thibaut (november 2023), in french